Enhanced Pricing Transparency and Automatic Discounts

Enhanced Pricing Transparency and Automatic Discounts

We are excited to announce updates to Mergent's pricing, designed to provide greater transparency and cost-efficiency.

Automatic Discounts as You Scale

Our new dynamic pricing model automatically lowers your costs as your usage increases. This enables all of our customers to benefit from economies of scale without having to get on a call to negotiate new pricing.

Brand-New Transparent Pricing

Our plans are now more straightforward with a clear breakdown:

  • Free Plan: Up to 1,000 invocations per month at no cost.

  • Standard Plan: Pay-per-use with automatic discounts based on usage, as low as $0.000003 per invocation.

  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing with dedicated support.

Effective Date and Retroactive Application

The new pricing went into effect on June 6 and retroactively applies to your next invoice. For example, if your subscription is set to renew on June 15, the entire invoice from May 15 to June 15 will be recalculated under the new pricing model, ensuring you benefit from the changes immediately.

Learn More

We've published a new pricing documentation page with a usage-based pricing table, pricing examples, and an FAQ.

If you have any questions or feedback, please send us a message at hello@mergent.co. We're always looking to improve our documentation, and questions from customers is the best way for us to know how we can improve our docs.

We're happy this new method of pricing benefits every single one of our growing family of customers. We invite you to try Mergent for yourself for free!