Announcing the Mergent V2 API

Announcing the Mergent V2 API

We're happy to announce the launch of Mergent's new V2 API, which provides improvements to working with Mergent and a ton of behind-the-scenes changes.

There are a few notable changes to the API between V1 and V2.

As always, feel free to visit our docs or API reference directly. We're also available at to answer any questions.

There are new library versions.

If you're using one of the official Mergent libraries, update to the most recent version to use the new V2 API.

The API prefix is now /v2 instead of /v1.

If you're using the API directly, change the API prefix to /v2. API endpoints prefixed with /v1 will become inaccessible on May 31st, 2022.

The rate limit has been changed to 500 requests per second.

This is a soft limit, and with increases per project available by emailing We plan on continuing to increase the rate limit over time.

All resources now require a queue attribute when being created.

By default, the Mergent libraries will set this to default. Soon, we will be providing another update with ways to control Tasks within a queue. Stay tuned.

All resources now return an id attribute upon creation.

Previously, Mergent's APIs used an optional name as a primary identifier. Now, Mergent returns an id attribute. Please use this for Task/Schedule identification.

Tasks no longer have a description attribute.

This was a holdover from before Mergent Schedules were separated from Mergent Tasks several months ago. Schedules continue to have a description attribute.

name is now strictly used for the deduplication of queued and working tasks.

Before, Mergent used name both as a deduplication key and primary identifier for all resources. Due to the way deduplication was handled behind the scenes, names could not be reused once a Task was completed.

With this change, name only deduplicates tasks that are either queued or working.

Want to Learn More?

Check out our docs, our new API reference, or send us a note at We're here to help!